Is it Safe to Buy Used DNA Equipment?

The answer to this question really depends on where you will buy used DNA equipment. If you are careful in observing safe buying practices, you could save up to 70% off the brand new price of such equipment. These are high-tech medical tools; therefore, they are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill products that you can buy in any store that sells used items.

Most Scientists Are Not Richly Endowed
There are only a few scientists who have enormous funding. Most are searching for affordable equipment for their labs because of the high price tags. As it is, equipment and instruments take most of the cost of a laboratory. So, it is only natural for scientists to grab the opportunity when used lab equipment and instruments are suddenly offered in the market.

Safe Way of Buying Old DNA Equipment
If you use the following tips in purchasing used DNA equipment, you will have the confidence that you are buying the right thing:

  1. Buy only from established and reliable sellers
    Don’t just buy old DNA equipment just because the person is selling it at a bargain price. Unless you absolutely know the person and can vouch for his honesty, it is safer to restrict yourself to reliable and established sellers of used lab equipment and instruments.
  2. Check the specifications of the item
    You need to determine the exact specifications of the DNA equipment that you need. Refer these specifications to the features offered by the used lab equipment for sale. If there is but just a slight discrepancy, then buy the product. But if the difference is great, and that difference is affecting the lower capacity of the equipment, then let go of the bargain.

Don’t Buy DNA Equipment Without Any Return Policy
Ask the seller if he is providing a return policy for the items he sells. Most established companies selling used lab equipment offer them under a 15-to-30-day trial arrangement. Therefore, it will be unnatural for a seller not to give you the privilege to return the used DNA equipment if it really does not function well or if it does not satisfy your requirements.

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