Powder Coating What Type of Pre-Coating Cleaning Is Necessary?

Metal fabricators and manufacturers often turn to powder coating to meet the stringent specifications of their company. They know this process will produce a durable product. They understand the goal is to provide finished components that attain what powder coatings have to offer. Finishing companies in Georgia and industrial producers know that the application of the right powder coatings can achieve specific qualities that will improve their products capabilities to survive even harsh environments.

Qualities of Powder Coatings

In general, companies consider powder coatings over other processes as an affordable way to imbue their components with certain looked for qualities. These include:

 * Durability

 * Superior protection against wear-and-tear

 * High anti-corrosion capabilities

 * Outstanding UV protection

The exact powder coating applied will differ according to the specifications of the manufacturer, often in consultation with the finishing company. However, the particular the choice of coating may be, it will fail without the proper pre-coating cleaning.

Pre-Coating Cleaning

For the application of powder coatings, pre-coating cleaning is critical. To ensure durability and longevity, the finisher must make certain he or she cleans the parts thoroughly. The process varies. A finisher may use a straightforward abrasive media-blasting chamber. Alternatively, the approach may be multi-staged performing, not one but several applications of chemicals, before following this up with rinses and placement in an oven. No matter what the treatment involves for actually cleaning the components of all grease, oil, dirt and related contaminants, one commonality exists. All parts must be dry before undergoing the coating process.

Powder Coating

Powder coatings are easily capable of delivering a superior finish. The application of a powder coating does improve the qualities of the component. It makes it more durable and capable of withstanding harsh environments. However, the treatment may not be successful in achieving maximum protection for the components from a Georgia manufacturer if the finisher does perform a complete and suitable cleaning prior to the actual powder coating process.

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