Professional Chandelier Cleaning

A crystal chandelier gives your home an elegance, but dust and grime can dim its sparkle and brilliance. Professional chandelier cleaning in Barrington carefully cleans your chandelier by treating each crystal with delicacy.


Simple preparations need to be made before a chandelier can be cleaned. Turn off the power to avoid shock. This can be done by turning off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse. Since this will darken the room, open windows and use extension cords to power alternative lighting from nearby rooms. Remove tables and furniture standing under the chandelier to prevent damage. Finally, you will need to put down a covering to protect the flooring. Your cleaning professional may do all these things for you, so confirm any arrangements before your appointment.

Regular Cleaning

Depending on the conditions of your home, chandeliers need to be cleaned to remove dust and debris every two to six months. Regular chandelier cleaning in Barrington does not require the crystals to be removed from the fixture. Your cleaning professional will ensure that each light bulb is tightly secured in its socket. Then each bulb is individually sealed in a vinyl enclosure to protect it during the cleaning process. Next, your cleaner gently administers a mild, non-toxic solution engineered to clean crystals without leaving residue or water marks. Each crystal is then dried using white cotton. Finally, your cleaning professional will clean and shine the wiring and light wells.

Removing Crystals for Deep Cleaning

If dirt and grime have accumulated on your chandelier, then your cleaning professional may remove each crystal for handwashing. The process requires two basins lined with soft fabric to prevent damage to the crystals. Each crystal will be washed and rinsed carefully, then wiped dry with a cotton cloth. Your cleaning professional will clean and shine the wiring and light wells before replacing the cleaned crystals. After each crystal is clean and dry, it will be replaced in its original position.

Regularly scheduled chandelier cleaning in Barrington protects the brilliance of an elegant chandelier. If needed, each crystal can be removed and cleaned individually.

Fine D├ęcor Revival provides residential and commercial chandelier cleaning in Barrington. They specialize in cleaning high-end homes and businesses.

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