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Bankruptcy does not necessarily mean the end of dreams or goals. For many people, it is actually the beginning. It is the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over with a better understanding of debt, credit and how to make better choices. It is a second chance for those who have had medical bills and other uncontrollable circumstances keep them from obtaining the success they deserve. Most people who file bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, will be able to keep their homes and vehicles and begin to immediately improve their credit rating.

Bankruptcy laws have changed over the last decade. It is common for people to misunderstand these changes and believe that it is impossible for individuals to get bankruptcy protection. While the laws are complex and the process of filing can be confusing, it is not designed to prevent people from getting the help they need. Instead, the changes were designed to encourage people to get debt counseling and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes they may have made in the past. With legal advice from a professional like Joe Wittman, business and personal bankruptcies can be done quickly and provide a substantial amount of financial protection.

A bankruptcy will put foreclosures and vehicle repossessions on hold and make it possible for the debtor to make arrangements with their creditors if they wish to keep the property. Debt collection agencies are required to stop calling and all wage garnishments are stopped. It gives people the opportunity to consider their future and make plans without the burden of their debt weighing them down. With the advice and guidance of a bankruptcy attorney, it is easier to make good decisions that will lead to better financial success later on.

Within just a few years of filing, most people will have credit scores better than they ever expected. They will be able to purchase homes, expand their businesses and get loan approvals for new cars. Bankruptcy can feel intimidating at first, but with help from a debt relief lawyer like Joe Wittman, the worry will fade quickly. Click here to learn more about the reality of filing for bankruptcy and how to find out the solutions available to everyone.

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