Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors

There is no doubt that Wood Garage Doors are an attractive choice, but they are far from being the only option in garage doors today. Many people still choose vinyl, aluminum, or steel garage doors. There are some significant advantages to each type of garage door, but the wood garage door is particularly unique. Here are the main pros and cons of this type of garage door.

Wood garage doors are highly customizable. They can be crafted to fit virtually any home garage space, from the very small closet-like single garage to the airplane hangar sized garage. One thing that many people find particularly advantageous about wood garage doors is that they can be adjusted for uneven surfaces. For example, many people may have a garage floor that has a noticeable slope, and a wood garage door can be adjusted to fit perfectly regardless of that. Because wood garage doors are custom built in most cases, they will always be truly unique looking, and can be made into an attractive part of the home as a result.

Other types of garage doors are much more likely to warp or crack, but wood is able to handle extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to show damage, especially if it has a protective coating. In the rare cases that wood garage doors are damaged, an entire garage door replacement is rarely necessary. Only the damaged panel or portion of the wood needs to be replaced in most cases, which makes for cheaper repairs than most other garage door types.

While wood garage doors have very few drawbacks, perhaps the most significant of these is the cost. A wood garage door is significantly more costly than vinyl garage doors, for example. However, it is important to be aware that a wood garage door will often outlast the vinyl garage door. Therefore, the initial cost may be cheaper but the long term cost may be closer to even.

If the information above indicates that Wood Garage Doors might be right for your home, consider talking to the pros at Ace Garage Door Company LLC. They have years of experience with installing and maintaining all types of garage doors and can help you find the right garage door for your home. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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