Providing Proper Dog Health Care in Lorton VA

When a new dog joins a family, taking care of it in the proper manner is bound to be a concern, especially if the owners never owned a dog in the past. There are several steps to take to ensure a canine is receiving proper dog health care in Lorton VA. Here are some points to consider.

Bring The Pet To A Veterinarian

It is extremely important that a new dog is seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible. They will do an evaluation of the dog’s health to determine if it is in need of any type of medical assistance to keep it thriving. The veterinarian will weigh the dog and give the family recommendations regarding its feeding schedule. The practitioner will also discuss neutering or spaying the dog during this appointment. Make sure that the dog is brought to a veterinarian on a yearly basis for immunizations and to rule out medical problems.

Make Sure The Dog Receives Attention

Make it a priority to give the dog time for bonding with those in the family. Bringing it on frequent walks, talking to it often, taking time to pet it when passing by, and purchasing toys for it to play with are all tasks that help a new pet become familiar with those in the family. If those in the family need to be away from the home for extended time periods, consider enrolling the dog in a daycare or training sessions.

Do Routine Checks Of Bodily Functions

The dog’s owners should make it a priority to bring the dog outside for exercise and bathroom breaks several times a day. During these excursions, take note as to whether the dog is eliminating waste each time. At the first signs of decreased or increased output, make a call to a veterinarian as it may signify a medical problem.

When there is a need to discuss dog health care in Lorton VA with a veterinarian, finding one in the area who will make a prompt appointment is best. Contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital to find out more about the services they provide. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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