Your First Visit to a Veterinary Hospital in Biloxi, MS: What You Should Know

You may be wondering what will happen on your first visit to a vet with your puppy. It is a good idea to know what to anticipate. Usually, this visit will give you and your puppy a chance to acclimate yourself to the office and the staff and give you the chance as an owner to track you pup’s development.

That is why a first visit to a veterinary hospital in Biloxi, MS is an important occasion that you and your puppy will no doubt remember. It is a good idea to schedule care for your puppy early as your dog will need to have regular exams throughout its life.

Where to Obtain Further Details

To find out more details about visiting the veterinarian or scheduling an appointment, simply browse our site for all the information. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience so you can become familiarized with all the services.

Your Puppy’s First Visit to the Vet

During your puppy’s first visit to a veterinary hospital, your puppy will be weighed and the doctor will listen to your dog’s lungs and heart with a stethoscope. Your pet’s temperature will be taken rectally and its eyes, ears, feet, nose, and genitalia will be examined as well.

Other In-Office Assessments

During this visit to a veterinary hospital, your dog may feel stressed. Therefore, make sure you are there giving it the reassurance it needs and deserves. The veterinarian will also examine your dog’s skin and coat and examine its mouth and teeth. He or she will usually palpate the lymph nodes and abdomen and examine a sample of the pup’s feces. This is done to check for worms. Most dogs will have worms when they are young.

Future Treatments or Therapies

You will need to discuss your dog’s history with the veterinarian and address any questions or concerns about worm medication, feeding, and other future services such as microchipping or spaying and neutering.

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