Questions To Ask When Setting Up Wedding Receptions In Fort Wayne, IN

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Business

In Indiana, the set up and design of a wedding reception reflects the bride’s vision. They present this vision to managers of chosen venues to help them make the right selection. However, there are a few questions that are overlooked that are vital to the entire process. The following are questions to ask when setting up Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN.

Does It Cost Extra for Setup?

Wedding planners work with venue managers to set up the reception quickly. However, select venues don’t provide staff for this task with the rental. Some venue managers may require an additional fee for these services. The first question to ask when planning the reception is if they charge additional fees.

Who Provides the Table Settings?

Select venues offer table cloths, dishes, and place cards for guests. The bride must clarify if the venue provides these services or if they are provided by the catering service. Luckily, select venue provide on-site catering. They’ll set up the table settings as directed by the bride or planner.

Are There Restrictions for Alcohol Consumption?

Brides who want champagne at their weddings should inquire about alcohol restrictions. Some venues don’t have adequate liquor licenses and can’t allow alcohol consumption on the premises. The bridge must determine if this is an issue ahead of time. They should also determine if they want an open bar or if there is a charge for drinks.

Is Security Provided?

Security is critical for some brides. When high-caliber detail is needed, they should ask if the venue provides these services. They must also inquire about the experience of the guards.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning After the Reception?

In most instances, the catering service cleans up after the reception. However, some venues require the bride to manage these tasks. They should determine if they need a clean-up crew to handle these requirements.

Brides reduce the stress associated with their wedding by asking the right questions. These inquire assist them in planning the wedding and reception properly. To discover more about venues for their Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN, they should contact Classic cafe Inc today.

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