Radiator Caps

The main purpose of a car radiator is to help cool the engine. Made up of several parts, the radiator is a component that drivers should have some working knowledge of. The radiator caps are part of the cooling system and an important part of the radiator. The importance of them will be further discussed.


Radiator pressure caps allows the coolant to be taken from the radiator reservoir to the engine block. The caps also allow pressure to build up, then once at max pressurization, provides relief by expelling to an overflow compartment. This is an important part in maintain a car’s cooling system. The caps should always be in mint condition with no pressure leaks coming from the seal. Too little or too much pressure can cause damage to your vehicle’s working system.


A radiator cap rating maps how much pressure a cap can hold. After manufacturing, each cap is tested to determine how much pressure it can take. Using an associated pressure chart, it ensures correct labeling. All caps are not created equal. You would need to know the year, make, and model of your car to make sure you are buying the correct cap.

Where to Buy

Radiator caps can be found and bought in any car specialty store. Both online and brick and mortar stores carry various types. The cost is minimal, generally less than $100. As stated previously, you would need to make sure you know the make and model of your vehicle before purchasing. After installing the part, make sure to maintain the radiator caps, test and replace as necessary.

Preserving Your Engine

Keeping your engine at the right temperature is key in vehicle maintenance. The cooling system plays a significant role in this. The radiator, as part of the cooling system, needs to be taken care of always. Preserve your engine and you will find that your vehicle can last a long time.

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