Rainforest Survival Kit in California: Staying Safe and Dry in the Dampest Conditions

Wilderness survival relies on the ability to start a fire. This means having the right items that will produce a spark and turn it into a lasting flame. A Rainforest Survival Kit in California is one of the most important emergency preparedness items anyone can purchase. It guarantees a life-saving fire is possible in even the wettest conditions.

Keeping Dry Matters

Surviving in wet conditions takes much more effort. It is important to stay dry whether the temperatures are high or low. In cold weather it is necessary to keep clothing and shoes dry to prevent an accelerated loss of body heat. A body that is struggling to stay warm will not have the ability to fight off illness or infections as easily as it would in better conditions. In hot weather the moisture can lead to bacteria and fungus growth. Even a small injury will become infected if it remains wet.

Starting a Fire

Fire starting in a wet environment requires something for the spark to catch on. Carrying cotton soaked in a flammable material is helpful for this purpose. The flames will not last for long and must be transferred to a more sustainable material. Jute twine is useful for this because it lights easily and will hold the flame long enough to add the other materials already collected. A roll of twine will also provide cordage for shelter building and setting traps.

Preparing a Kit

Purchasing a ready-made Rainforest Survival Kit in California is a simple step that will provide the basics necessary for starting a fire. The materials will come contained in a waterproof tin that will slip into any waterproof backpack. Adding a poncho, clothing made from a synthetic, quick-drying material and extra socks will help. Include a knife, compass and bottle to collect water. A small first aid kit, a bandanna that can be used as a tourniquet and some type of metal pot for boiling water are also needed.

Companies like Zombie Tinder provide survival kits that are designed for survival in harsh conditions. They are a step up from traditional camping supplies or a basic emergency kit. Using this type of product will increase survival chances when it is needed most. Visit the website to see all of the kits and other emergency supplies.

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