Reasons to Consider Duct Cleaning in Dunedin

While there have been few studies as to whether duct cleaning is safer or not, many in Dunedin believe that duct cleaning can reduce the amount of airborne toxins, have better air quality and save energy, which can save money. However, it is up to the homeowner whether they want to have duct cleaning along with other regular maintenance.

Air Quality

It has been proven that a typical six-room home can create as much as 40 pounds of dust in one year just from everyday living. If you have a more active household than most, your home may create even more dust. This dust and debris have to go somewhere, and most ends up in your air ducts.

If you think of your air ducts as the lungs of your home, you can understand the problem with that much dust in the “lungs.”

Our living arrangements generate a lot of air pollutants, such as chemicals, dust and dander, especially if you have pets and children. These contaminants are then pulled into the HVAC system and can be recirculated into your home, meaning you continuously breathe in these contaminants. While this doesn’t necessarily hurt you, over time, it could cause you to have allergies or other respiratory problems.

Saving Energy

If your air ducts are clogged with a lot of dust and debris, it takes more energy for the air or heat to get through the duct into the home. Studies have proven that up to 40 percent of the energy that you use in your home is wasted, meaning it isn’t being used to heat or cool your home and is slipping away, forcing itself through a lot of dust and dirt. Duct cleaning can help your ducts work smarter and save some energy.

Visibly Dirty or Infested

It can be quite easy to look into your duct and see if it needs to be cleaned. If you notice mold growing on the sheet metal or other components, it is time to get your ducts cleaned. However, a visual inspection may not be enough for you to determine problems so a professional in Dunedin can help.

You may also need duct cleaning if you notice an infestation of rodents such as mice or insects. Many times, these animals crawl into the duct to live, which can cause clogging and could be the start of a problematic disease as rodents are notorious for bringing disease with them.

Duct cleaning in Dunedin can be very helpful to your health and home so consider Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning.

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