Reduce Stress Levels at Work by Improving Employee Recognition

The American Institute of Society says job stress is one of the primary sources of stress for a great portion of adult Americans. Its rapid escalation in the last few decades mean a lot of employees suffer from health risks such increased chances of hypertension, more cases of heart attack and other health problems.

One way to keep stress levels down at work is to improve employee recognition. Here are a few ideas on how to pull this off:

Launch a fun employee recognition program

This can make a huge difference in the way your employees perform. Turn it into a monthly or quarterly affair. It’s a great way to jog your employees out of their cubicles and comfort zones and encourage them to have fun at work. This should help your employees relax. The more relaxed they are, the less stressed they are and that improves their concentration and performance.

Give out trophies

Make up funny titles to go with the awards. Or go with serious ones. Whichever option you go with, giving out crystal awards as a sign of the company’s appreciation for the employee’s efforts and hard work is a great way to encourage them to work even harder and better. And the more motivated your team is, the less stressed they are at work.

Keep a good book

You can also keep a ‘good book’ which lists down top performing employees in your team or the ones who really went above and beyond their work. By the end of the year, reward these hard-working employees with appropriately awesome titles with matching crystal awards. The awards will last much longer than coupons. It’s the kind of memento your employees will keep for years to come.

So do something to reduce stress levels at work today. Start by improving your employee recognition efforts with memorable awards.

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