How to Find Green Business Signs in Washington, DC

If you are running a business, you need to make sure that you cultivate an image. If your company is known for its sustainability and responsible sourcing, you need your signs to reflect the appropriate qualities. Far too often, business signs are made of non-renewable resources when they can be made from other materials.

One of the most common green signs is a bamboo sign. Coconut shell materials are also used. These two substances can produce sustainable and responsibly sourced signs.

Bamboo and Coconut

Bamboo and coconut shells are increasingly used for business signs in Washington, DC. The items often mimic the look and feel of wood, so they are often indistinguishable from wood.

Award Crafters Inc. uses bamboo and coconut to make a variety of quality signs, because these products are often discarded as waste. For example, when cutting boards, plates, and other materials are made from bamboo, the cuttings are often discarded. The same is true regarding companies that use coconut to produce coal or, more commonly, potting soil. Instead of discarding these resources, responsible crafters should use them to make signs for your business.


In addition to creating business signs that better reflect your company’s sustainability efforts, they also help further the movement for responsible sourcing. Though you may view signs as a small thing, the amount of fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources necessary to create a sign can make them fairly taxing on the environment. Professionals have to mine, transport, refine, shape, and then ship the natural resources again.

If you buy sustainably sourced signs, you can greatly impact the environment. Even small gestures are a great way to help further the cause of responsibility and renewability. Also, you will help the crafters who use renewable resources continue their business ambitions.

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