Organizing Items And Hiring A Packing Service Prior To Moving

If an individual will be moving to a new home in the near future, the following tips will assist with organizing and packing small items. As a result, possessions will remain damage-free while they are being transported, and locating specific items will not become an issue.

Sorting By Room And Disposing Of Unnecessary Items

Contents in each room in a home need to be sorted separately to prevent an individual from becoming overwhelmed and reduce the risk of misplacing items. Several boxes can be lined up to assist with organizing possessions. Items that are going to be donated, thrown away, or kept can be placed in each box. Eliminating clutter prior to a move will reduce the amount of packing and lifting that needs to be completed during a move.

Securing Fragile Items In Bubble Wrap That is Labeled

Fragile items, such as glassware or collectibles, can be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap that are secured with strips of packing tape. A self-adhesive label that is affixed to the outside of each item will help an individual keep track of the possessions that are ready to be transported. If Company Name: ASAP MOVERS or another Packing Service will be hired, cartons, tape, and labels will be provided. A Packing Service will handle items with care and pack each one according to a customer’s wishes. A customer will also receive assistance with unpacking items if the are moving locally and they can request that various pieces are placed in specific parts of a home.

Creating A Master List And Labeling Cartons

A list of all of the items being moved to a new residence will make it easy for an individual to keep track of their possessions. A list can include a brief description of each item and the carton it is located in. If a basic description of items is added to the outside of each carton, an owner will be able to determine which room to place each carton in when they arrive at a new residence. Color-coded stickers can also be used to assist with keeping specific items grouped together prior to a move. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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