RV Storage in Henderson NV

We are a country of recreation enthusiasts. Every year we spend millions of dollars on pop-up campers, trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles to help us escape our daily routines and visit new locations. For those few weeks, we are unencumbered by our usual routines and schedules and can go where we want to go. The problem arises when we return from those adventures and need a secure and reliable place to store our “magic carpets” until we’re ready to go exploring again. This is when you need RV Storage in Henderson NV. Not all storage facilities can accommodate these kinds of vehicles, so you may need to do some research to find the right off-season home for your RV.

In addition to providing the room to store your RV, you will need to make certain that the facility is a secure one with access controls and monitoring equipment to provide an adequate level of security. On-site facility managers can also add to your peace of mind. A reliable facility that provides RV Storage in Henderson NV should be able to offer you features like secure individual keypad access, and video monitoring; these will deter criminals and, should something occur, it will also provide a clear record of what transpired and maybe even help apprehend those responsible.

In addition to security, there are other benefits that a storage facility can offer you. Drive-through storage units can be a big help when you are either driving a large RV or pulling a trailered boat. Entrance and egress are simplified and there is less to go wrong. Offering flexible long and short term storage services can come in handy if you use your RV a lot and aren’t certain how long you may be in the area and needing the storage service. The auto-pay credit card service makes sure that your monthly bill is paid in a timely fashion, even if it slips your mind.

Canyon Road Self Storage can offer you all of these amenities for storing your RV, plus, if you have other items that need stored, they have a wide range of storage units, many of which are climate-controlled. Just minutes away from the Lake Mead National Recreational Area, this storage facility is ideally situated if you and the family just want a quick week-end “stay-cation” in the area. To see what services they can offer, just visit them at Canyonroadstorage.com.

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