Removing Asbestos in Portland, CT Reduces Exposure and Ongoing Health Concerns

Asbestos, in nature, is a mineral. It was once used in the construction trade as it offered fire resistance and increased insulation. However, it was found that the disadvantages far outweighed the benefits. That is because a disturbance of the material can lead to serious health problems.

A Key Reason for Lung Cancer Fatalities

Therefore, removing asbestos in Portland, CT is considered an important undertaking. Although the use of asbestos is now banned for the most part in construction, it still remains in buildings. As a result, asbestos-related diseases continue to affect people’s health. One of these diseases is lung cancer. In fact, about 5,000 lung cancer cases are reported each year that are related to the building material.

Environmental Exposure

Another serious threat to health is environmental asbestos. Indirect exposure of the material can be traced to industrial sites or in nature. Any exposure to the mineral can also lead to a condition called mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is yet another cancer that leads to death. The condition, however, can be prevented if removal methods are facilitated.

Still a Problem, Even Now

However, that being said, asbestos has not been totally eliminated from building products. For example, flooring tiles and roof coatings can still contain the cancer-causing substance. As a result, most of the enforcement against the mineral’s use has been delegated to state agencies.

Who to Contact

That is why you need to be especially vigilant as well about testing for the substance. If you contact AA Asbestos Abatement, LLC, this type of firm can assess your property to make sure that the mineral and building material is not hiding on your premises.

Any kind of exposure to this product should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Because the material can travel on clothing, anybody who has been exposed to the substance at a worksite can also transport it into his or her home. As a result, other people in the worker’s family can be exposed as well. Wherever asbestos is found, it needs to be eradicated without fail.

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