Renting a Car? 4 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid at All Costs

Renting a car for your trip is often convenient. However, make sure you aren’t paying for more than you have to. Take a gander at these mistakes that many rookie travelers make and spare yourself the extra expense:

Paying for prepaid gasoline

If you’re wondering why your car rental charges are so high, you might want to check if you said yes to prepaid gas. Independent Traveler suggests filing up the tank yourself. Unless you’ve got a red eye flight to catch or have barely enough time to get to the airport on time, you can save up on a lot simply by filling the gas yourself.

Buying insurance

When renting a car in Alajuela, you want to be safe and covered in case a road accident happens. But before you pay for any damage coverage, check up on your own policy first. If you’re lucky, you might have damage coverage that would do nicely. If you’re going to let your kids drive, though, check if that’s included in your coverage. And if not, be prepared to shell out a bit more.

Ignoring upgrades

It can be tempting to automatically consign upgrades to oblivion. But dismissing upgrades out of hand can make you miss out on a number of great advantages. Some offers offer a ton of handy benefits at little extra cost. So take the time to review the offers beforehand instead of rejecting them outright.

Not shopping around

The best way to find the best rates or discounts when renting a car in Alajuela is to always look around. It can take a bit more time than you might like but when you finally find the right rental company, the cost-savings you’ll get will be more than worth it.

So pay attention to these mistakes. If you don’t want a chunk of your happy funds to go to your rental costs, keep an eye out for any of these.

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