Repair Steps for Commercial Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO

As warm weather puts a strain on older Commercial Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO, the decision whether to repair or replace a unit may be a significant factor for owners of commercial properties. Most light-duty commercial systems are designed to last a maximum of 20 years, but other factors can dictate cost-efficiency and reliability. Therefore, it’s important to have an HVAC technician examine every part of the system before deciding on repair vs. replacement.

Learn the System’s History

The examination begins with the evaluation of installation and maintenance records. If the property owner doesn’t have the information, they should call a contractor and request an evaluation. The contractor can start a maintenance file, if one does not exist.

Inspecting Equipment

The unit’s exterior appearance offers valuable information about its maintenance history. An HVAC contractor will inspect the equipment based on manufacturer recommendations. Filters may be changed, preventing the introduction of dirt and debris into the system. A technician will also inspect the coils for dirt and damage, and repairs may be made.

Review What’s Been Found

After the evaluation process, the building owner will learn a lot about Commercial Air Conditioning in St. Louis MO. As the info is reviewed, the condition of each unit can be assessed. If a unit has been poorly serviced or maintained, it will be less efficient and less reliable. The contractor will consider the unit’s age, any remaining warranty coverage, and the condition of the unit when making a recommendation on repair or replacement. Click here to know more.

Repair vs. Replacement

Studying immediate and future operating expenses will leave the business owner better equipped to make an informed decision. Most HVAC manufacturers can provide an estimate of operating costs based on local utility rates and a unit’s efficiency. In some cases, if equipment is older, a high-efficiency replacement system can offer savings to offset some of the cost of installation.

Make a Decision

When having HVAC work done, choose a local contractor who stands behind their work. A maintenance program with Courtney’s Heating & Cooling will cover all parts of the system, keeping accurate records and including basic information to ensure that units continue to perform at peak efficiency.

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