Repairing A Garage Door Is Not A DIY Job

There is absolutely no reason why the typical homeowner cannot keep the doors on their garage in good working order. The majority of DIY fans are more than capable of undertaking minor garage door maintenance, however, if you are not comfortable handling tools or the garage door repair in Westchester, NY is beyond your comfort zone, by all means, hire a professional.

Annual inspection:

It is always a good idea to have a pro inspect the garage door annually, after that you can keep an eye on track alignment, lubricate the pulleys and rollers and check all the fasteners. If, during your own maintenance routine you should spot a problem with the springs, tracks, cable or rollers then you really should turn the repair over to a pro.

Even a slight misalignment can lead to expensive repairs or worse yet, injury to you or a family member. If, for example, a spring makes an unusually load noise and you know it has been properly lubricated, chances are there is a problem with misalignment, this is something that a skilled technician who undertakes garage door repair in Westchester, NY must look into.

The risk of trying to fix a spring problem:

You may not realize it, but a typical garage door weighs 500 pounds or more, the job of the spring is to make the door work as if it weighed nothing. Springs can, over time, become stressed from constant use and eventually a coil will break. When a garage door spring lets loose it does so with a tremendous force. A DIYer should never try to replace a broken garage door spring, leave that job to the experts.

There is more to a garage door than just the springs. Typical garage door repair in Westchester, NY also includes any essential components that are subject to wear and damage. A professional can identify the problem and have it fixed quickly and safely.

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