The Benefits Of Investing In A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

It is hard to image life before the use of CNC equipment in the shop, particularly for the new generation of fabricators and technicians hitting the workplace. However, for some machine and fabrication shops moving from the manual option for cutting to a CNC plasma cutting machine is a big step up.

There are some definite advantages to using the technology in any shop or for any metal processing center. It is not always just the volume of orders that will be processed to consider as the more you are comfortable in using the technology, the greater the ability to advertise into new markets will present itself.

Variety of Materials

One of the big advantages that is not often considered front and center with a CNC plasma cutting machine is the ability to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with high levels of precision. Depending on the machine and the system you choose, this can include thick metals of up to inches as well as very thin sheet and even thin plate.

With the ability to cut a wider variety of materials you may find that you can tap into a previously unmarketed target customer group. It won’t take long for word of mouth to spread around in your local area that you have the capacity to complete this type of precision cutting work.

No Training Required

When no training required is mentioned many experienced machinists roll their eyes. Of course, there is some experience required with using the technology, but it is minimal with a quality CNC plasma cutting machine. If you can open program and input data, then you have the basics to successfully operate the equipment.

Remember, the whole purpose of CNC plasma cutters or other CNC equipment is to have the system control the cutting. The operator will need to ensure the work piece is in place correctly and that the physical elements of the cutter are correct, then the software will take over and control the actual cutting process.

Storage of Data

With any CNC equipment, including with a plasma cutter, it is possible to store the specifics of a job for any customer. This means repeat or ongoing work very easy and also helps to keep your customer’s coming back.

Quality, precision and efficiency in cutting to the specifics required are also reasons to add a CNC plasma cutter to your equipment line. This equipment is not that costly and can quickly pay for itself.

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