Replacing Tiles And Other Types Of Pool Repair In Houston

If a couple tiles have come loose that are located near the waterline in an inground pool’s interior, they can be removed and replaced by completing the following steps. Once the repair has been made, the inside of a pool will have a uniform appearance.


  • drop cloths
  • putty knife
  • scrub brush
  • bucket of soapy water
  • replacement tiles
  • waterproof mastic
  • trowel
  • pool tile grout
  • sponge

Cleaning Areas Where New Tiles Will Be Installed

Drop cloths should be draped over the portion of the pool’s deck that is next to the spots where new tiles will be installed. By covering the deck, stains won’t become an issue if mastic or grout accidentally spill. Water should be drained from a pool until the waterline falls just below the top row of tiles. A putty knife can be used to remove any tile pieces that have loosened from one of the pool’s interior walls.

A scrub brush and bucket of soapy water can be used to remove dry mastic or stains that are on the pool’s interior. A damp cloth that is wiped over areas that have been cleaned will assist with removing any soap that remains on portions of the pool’s interior. Interior walls will require plenty of time of time to dry.

Installing Replacement Tiles

Waterproof mastic needs to be prepared according to the instructions that came with it. Afterward, a trowel or putty knife can be used to apply an even layer of mastic to the backside of replacement tiles. Tiles need to be pressed firmly against a pool’s interior wall. Once mastic has dried, pool tile grout can be applied to joints with a putty knife. Excess grout should be removed with a damp sponge. Once the grout has dried, water can be added to a pool so that the water level is the same as it was before the repair was made.

A larger type of Pool Repair in Houston may require the assistance of a professional company. Someone who would like to Get more information about a specific Pool Repair in Houston can contact a pool specialist directly through a company’s website.

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