Methods of Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles

There are plenty of reasons why a person may want to completely destroy their computer’s hard drive. Some are noble, and some are not so noble, but the desire to get the job done effectively will be strong either way. Here are a few tried-and-true methods for complete Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles.

  • The most conventional method of data destruction is simply wiping the hard drive with a powerful, military-strength app that will remove the data from the physical data. After this is done, remove the actual drive from the computer casing and dispose of it in a discreet fashion.
  • Taking a hammer to the hard drive is another great method to get rid of the data fast. Simply take a hammer, don safety goggles to avoid eye injury from the flying bits of metal and plastic, and proceed to bash away until the entire hard drive is in pieces.
  • Procure a match and some lighter fluid and set it on fire. This is a pretty effective method of Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles. If this method is chosen, make sure it is done either outside (which is preferable) or in a well-ventilated area. This is done because the fumes can poisonous to a fatal level.
  • If the owner of the hard drive is a gun owner, or they know a gun owner whom they can trust, riddle the entire thing with bullets. This can be done at a shooting range, a rural backyard, or a favorite hunting camp.
  • Liquefying the hard drive by applying acid to it is a surefire way of ensuring any evidence of data is completely removed from the face of the earth. Be careful when using the method and make certain that protective clothing and safety goggles are worn.

A professional hard drive destruction offers the benefit of guaranteed work and the promise of discreet disposal. No one will ever know what happened to the data or the drive.

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