If You’re Suffering From Menopause Symptoms, Visit Your OBGYN Clinic in Norman, OK

The problems that many women experience while going through menopause are not trivial. Granted, there are many far more serious health problems, but that does not diminish the effects of menopause on a woman’s life and relationships. Menopause can be disruptive, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Menopause Symptoms

Menstruation begins suddenly, but can take years to end. Periods usually become irregular before finally disappearing. Incidentally, this is not the time to think that it’s 100% safe to discontinue birth control. Surprise pregnancies can and do occur during this time. If in doubt, be sure to visit an obgyn clinic in Norman OK.

During menopause, there are a number of symptoms that a woman might experience.

  • Hot flashes feel like standing in a sauna
  • Night sweats disrupt sleep, encouraging fatigue and depression
  • Increasing vaginal dryness makes sexual activity uncomfortable or painful
  • Sudden and unpredictable mood changes complicate relationships
  • A slower metabolism makes it very easy to gain weight
  • Dry skin, thinning hear and loss of breast fullness add years to a woman’s appearance

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy has been used to relieve these symptoms for many years. A woman’s falling hormone levels are a normal effect of aging, but replacing the estrogen and progesterone that the body is no longer producing is the most effective treatment for the symptoms caused by menopause.

There are countless pills, creams, supplements and diets that claim to provide relief to women suffering from menopause symptoms. These treatments are seldom effective because they don’t treat the cause of the symptoms – the declining hormone levels in the body.

SottoPelle® hormone replacement therapy is highly effective. This treatment uses bio-identical hormones that have been studied extensively since 1935 and are considered safe. These compounds have the identical molecular structure to natural hormones. In addition to relieving menopause symptoms, this treatment is used in the prevention of cardiac problems and to enhance health in other ways.

Hormone therapy is not recommended for all women. Also, don’t ignore preventive care during this time, such as breast and pelvic exams. If there is any vaginal bleeding following menopause, seek medical advice promptly.

Life’s Cycle Womens Care treats patients at their OBGYN Clinic in Norman OK and Ardmore, OK. Visit the website to learn more about all of the services available. Contact us at 580-221-7500 to schedule an appointment. Find out if hormone therapy is the best menopause solution for you.

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