Signs It’s Time for Sump Pump Repairs in Pittsburgh PA

The sump pump is the home’s first line of defense against water damage and flooding. If the sump pump detects there is excess water present that may result in flooding, then it responds by pumping this extra water away from the home. This protects everything inside, including the foundation. Even though the sump pump is a rather simple device, it still has to be maintained regularly. This helps ensure that the sump pump remains in good working order. However, issues can still pop up. Getting to know the signs it is time for Sump Pump Repairs in Pittsburgh PA is beneficial.

Mildew and Mold Odor

The sump pump in a home is always around water. As a result, it may become vulnerable to the development of mildew and mold growth if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. As time passes, the presence of this mildew and mold can lead to a musty odor. If a homeowner recognizes these signs, then they should call for Sump Pump Repairs in Pittsburgh PA right away. When the issue is addressed, it will get rid of the smell and prevent the spread of the mildew and mold to other parts of the basement or home.

Stuck Switch or Float

All sump pumps use a switch or a float. This is triggered when there is extra water present in the sump pump pit. It is important for this part of the sump pump to work properly for the pump to activate. If it gets stuck, then the sump pump is not going to work even if the water in the pit is over the threshold deemed acceptable. A good way to see if the switch or float is stuck or damaged is to test the sump pump from time to time.

There is no question that sump pumps can be quite valuable. However, it is important to keep them in proper working order. Knowing the signs that repairs are needed is beneficial.

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