Routine Maintenance Helps Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs in Waukesha WI

One of the main ways a homeowner can help avoid costly Air Conditioning Repair Waukesha WI is by having routine maintenance done on the unit prior to the start of the summer season. When this type of work is done on a routine basis, it gives a repair person a chance to inspect the unit more closely. This can often make it easier for a repair person to spot repair problems or other issues with the unit, which need to be dealt with before the start of summer.

Most repair people will begin maintenance on a home’s air conditioning system by first spending time inspecting the blower section of the unit. This is generally found in the attic of the home or in the crawlspace. Because the blower is generally used by both the heating system and the cooling system, it can tend to get quite dirty.

The repair person will generally begin their maintenance work by vacuuming the unit inside. He or she may also brush dirt from the vents and grilles of the unit using a stiff brush. The air filter located on the blower will also need to be inspected and replaced if necessary. This will help in ensuring the unit runs cost effectively and can help in prolonging the life of the unit as well.

Once the blower has been cleaned, a professional from an Air Conditioning Repair Waukesha WI can then begin inspecting the motor and the components attached to it. The motor needs to be checked to ensure the connections and wires on the unit are safe and secure. If anything is loose or appears damaged, then it will need to be tightened or replaced.

Attached to the motor is the fan. This fan moves air throughout the home. If either it or the fan belt attached to it show signs of damage, they will also need to be replaced. Often the fan belt can become loose. When this happens, it can be corrected by loosening the motor mounts and moving the motor as needed until the belt has the proper tension.

Keeping the air conditioner well maintained can be key to avoiding some of the more costly repair issues, which can come up during the hot months of summer. Please Contact Heiden Plumbing Heating & Cooling about the services they offer to help you ensure your unit runs at its best.

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