Save Money and Energy With a Low-Flow Showerhead

In addition to installing efficient windows and getting a programmable thermostat to make your home more energy efficient, you can also replace your current showerhead with a low-flow one. Getting an energy- and money-saving showerhead is also a good idea if you commonly find yourself in need of shower repair in Cumming, Georgia.

Understanding the Difference Between Conservation and Efficiency

Before you get a low-flow showerhead, it’s a good idea to clear up two terms that are often used when it comes to saving energy or money in your home: conservation and efficiency. While conserving means to use less, it does not automatically equate to comfort. On the other hand, efficiency in terms of showerheads means that it has an improved design that allows you to use less water while maintaining the same degree of comfort you’re used to.

If you’re thinking about getting a new showerhead after shower repair in Cumming, Georgia, ask your plumber if he or she has any recommendations for low-flow showerheads that have efficient rate, direction, pressure and shape that’s both comfortable and ensures you don’t have to take longer than necessary while taking a shower. You should contact RooterPlus for more information

Overall Engineering and Design

Besides asking a professional plumber, you should also pay attention to the showerhead’s overall engineering and design to make sure they’re both of a high quality. Know that you’ll more than likely have to pay more for improved engineering and design, but you’ll also more than likely make up for that extra cost in the money you save over the next several months. Keep your eye out for sales on low-flow showerheads, and check out reviews to narrow down your options.

One thing to keep in mind is that just because a low-flow showerhead has a low GPM (gallons per minute) rate does not mean that it doesn’t offer better water pressure than your old showerhead that has a higher GPM. What makes the (potentially) more expensive and lower GPM low-flow showerhead better is that it has more efficient mass, speed, rate, direction, pressure and shape to the water. All of these elements combine to give you (hopefully) a more comfortable and shorter shower, which is preferable to preventable shower repair in Cumming, Georgia.

Even if you are not in constant need of shower repair in Cumming, Georgia, a low-flow showerhead that’s more efficient can go a long way in saving you money and water while reducing your carbon footprint. Save on shower repair in Cumming, Georgia by asking a professional plumber about options for low-flow showerheads with efficient engineering and design. Visit their website to learn more.

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