How The Court Determines Minor Guardianship In Las Vegas, NV

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Lawyers

The state of Nevada takes precautions to protect children. For this reason, any allegation of abuse or neglect is investigated. When the findings indicate a great risk, the court takes action and assign Minor Guardianship Las Vegas NV. Initially, these orders are temporary until the court conducts further investigations.

Assessing the Risk to the Child

The court assesses the risk to the child by evaluating the allegations. Common risks are physical or sexual abuse and neglect. The first step in investigating allegations is a medical assessment of the child.
The child is evaluated for physical signs of abuse and neglect. The doctor that examines the child submits reports to the court. The court assesses their findings and takes action accordingly.

Cases in which signs of physical or sexual abuse require formal charges against the attacker. Any clear signs of neglect such as malnutrition or dehydration warrant an arrest for neglect and child endangerment. Social services take custody of the child until guardianship is awarded.

How to File a Report of Abuse or Neglect

Family members who become aware of risks may file a report with the court. When the risk is extensive, this individual may contact a family court judge directly. This helps them get temporary Minor Guardianship Las Vegas NV. Their attorney can file an emergency order for protection. The order takes the child away from the risk while giving the court the time needed to investigate these allegations. Visit here to find out more.

Acquiring Permanent Placement for the Child

The court schedules a formal hearing for guardianship. The hearing is scheduled before the temporary order expires. This prevents the offender from taking possession of the child. The formal charges against the parent or parents affect the outcome of the hearing. The state assigns permanent placement based on the results of these cases.

The state of Nevada takes steps to protect children. These steps could equate to a protection order that stops an abusive parent from maintaining custody. The court must investigate all allegations to determine the most appropriate choices for the child. Residents who need to acquire Minor Guardianship Las Vegas NV should contact Grant Morris Dodds for more information.

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