Seafood: An Original Experience in Boston

Fenway Park and Boston Common plus the Freedom Trail are all the sites on your itinerary for the next time you visit one of America’s most historic cities, but do not forget that the capital of Massachusetts is also known for its cuisine – especially seafood. When you are this close to the ocean, it makes sense that you should expect to have the freshest seafood available. The Boston and Maine Fish Company capitalizes on this unique factor and brings the ocean’s offerings to the public in innovative and creative ways.

The Flavor of Seafood

Whether you are craving hearty chowder or the buttery treat of fresh scallops, you will definitely want to schedule a visit to this popular local spot after a day of sightseeing. We take pride in calling ourselves “the original taste of New England,” and the popularity and longevity of our recipes proves that we live up to that claim.
Take our clam chowder: we do not hesitate to tell customers it is the No. 1 clam chowder in all of New England. We make a batch from scratch every day, and the recipe has not changed since 1986!

The Best Thing about going out to eat

In the mood for lobster? Come make a mess and let us do the dishes. Our lobster bar is the perfect place to do just that with an abundance of melted butter and corn on the cob to go with these perfectly boiled delicacies.
Our bacon-wrapped scallops are another dish we feel is unforgettable. Order the freshest scallops ensconced in perfectly crisped bacon over rice or a salad, and we feel confident we will be seeing you again.

The Offers of Seafood Restaurant

Remember that bit from earlier about getting creative with our offerings? Let us introduce you to seafood in a shot! We will start you out with our oyster shot. It consists of – you guessed it – an oyster in a shot glass with Tabasco sauce, black pepper, minced garlic, lemon, salt and horseradish. We add a splash of beer, and it is the perfect combination of food and drink. If oyster is not exactly your favorite, we can make the exact same recipe with clam.
Therefore, the next time you are in the Boston area, remember to add the Boston and Maine Fish Company to your schedule. It is always nice to be able to say you ate somewhere local while traveling, but it is even nicer be able to say you ate somewhere local and the taste was delicious and unforgettable. We look forward to introducing you to Boston’s seafood tradition. For more updates follow them on Twitter.

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