Septic Tank Cleaning in Eustis, FL: Keeping Your Tank Clean

Around thirty percent of Americans have septic tanks to treat waste from their homes. These tanks are fairly simple in design. All of the drains from the house connect to a single pipe that leads to the tank outside. This is often buried underground. Even a well-performing septic tank should be checked out and cleaned periodically. If you’re not sure who to talk to, search for professional septic tank cleaning in Eustis, FL.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

When wastewater leaves the house, it is combined. However, when it reaches the septic tank, it begins to separate. The heaviest material, known as sludge, sinks to the bottom. Fats, oils, and proteins float to the top of the tank and form what’s called a floating scum layer. These components make up what’s known as the septage. In order to maintain a healthy septic tank cleaning schedule, these levels must be checked periodically.

The effluent is then discharged into a leach field. This done through a set of pipes that have holes drilled into them to release the effluent into the ground (but above the groundwater table). Because the effluent has been degraded, it is easily filtered by good soil. The organic material that may be left in the effluent is used as fertilizer and usually promotes healthy growth for the yard above it.

Septic Maintenance and Cleaning

As simple as this may sound, septic systems do require regular septic tank cleaning and monitoring. If the homeowner neglects to care for his or her septic tank, irreversible problems often arise.

Even well-functioning septic tanks should be pumped periodically. This is generally recommended when the floating scum layer is six inches from the outlet pipe. Having your system checked out by a Eustis septic tank cleaning company at least once a year will help prevent potential problems.

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