Sewer Cleaning: A Few Benefits

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Plumbing

As sewer systems age, the likelihood of deterioration, collapses, and blockages becomes a huge concern. Consequently, it is imperative you adopt proactive measures to enhance performance levels of your sewer system.

Apex Plumbing has extensive experience in sewer cleaning and repair services. Clients can obtain 24/7 emergency services without worrying about sewer problems over the weekend. Inspecting and cleaning sewer lines are fundamental to sustaining the proper functioning of the system; these activities add to the investment of wastewater infrastructure.

Clogged sewers could rapidly turn into a health hazard. Whether caused by natural disasters or sewage backup, you require a professional to respond with the appropriate experience and equipment.

Benefits of Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning is a prudent investment in your home’s quality and plumbing performance. Cleaning your sewers protects you against further damage while enhancing the performance of drains. Clogged drains are prone to further blockage. Furthermore, issues could arise with the soil near your pipes.

Regular cleaning will therefore, sort out these issues. Another benefit is long lasting results. The accumulation of sediments could slow or stop your home’s drainage. Consequently, this service offers the long-lasting effects of good drainage since professional cleaning will eliminate sediments.

Sewer Cleaning Techniques

A sewer requires a cleaning schedule to sustain proper functioning. There are numerous conventional techniques to clear obstructions and serve as preventive measures. For instance, hydraulic techniques involve equipment that uses water and water velocity to clean the sewer pipe.

This technique involves high-velocity cleaners, which promote efficiency and flexibility with the least personnel. These cleaners can either be trailer or truck mounted; in each case, they function as self-contained units to enhance efficiency.

Another technique is mechanical cleaning, which uses equipment to eliminate the material from the invert and walls of sewer pipes physically. This technique uses devices such as rodders, which are every affordable and offer a very efficient means of cleaning.

On the other hand, chemical cleaning involves the use of numerous chemicals to clean sewers. The efficiency of a certain chemical relies largely on the precise nature of the issue and site-specific situation.

Inspection Techniques

Inspection programs are necessary to establish present sewer conditions and aid in the planning of a maintenance approach. The inspection of most sewer lines adopts techniques such as visual inspection.

Visual approaches are crucial in understanding a sewer’s condition fully. These inspections could occur internally or on the surface. Another technique involves lamping inspections, which are common in low-priority pipes that are below 20 years. Lamping is also common in projects that have limited funds.

Sewage backup could cause a smelly and unsightly environment. Therefore, ensure you engage the services of a reputable and experienced company such as Apex Plumbing to sort your problems effectively.

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