How to Choose the Perfect Glasses Frames in NYC

More than ever, today’s Glasses Frames in NYC are designed with style and durability in mind. Today’s selection of glasses frames is far more extensive than it is in years past. So, now that you have so many to choose from, how do you find the pair of frames that will highlight your best characteristics and give you the stylish look you wish to achieve? Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you find the perfect pair of glasses for your face and fashion sense.

Knowing the shape of your face can help you shop for glasses frames online and off. Is your face oval shaped or egg shaped? This particular shape of face can wear pretty much any style of frame and have the glasses look great.

Is your face long and thin? You could try frames that are round or even triangular in shape to try to make your face look more full. Look for frames that have colored sides to draw the eye of those looking at you. Doing so will make your face appear more full and less thin.
Does your face have a square shape to it? Wire round frame glasses could help make your features appear softer.

Is your face round and full? Choose frames that are rectangular. Avoid choosing frames that are round. The roundness of the frames could make your face appear fuller than what it really is.

Does your face have a diamond shape to it? Oval frames could help balance the shape of your face. Just be sure they are not too large and make your face appear wider at the center than it is.

Is your face heart-shaped? Look for frames that are slightly wider at the bottom than they are at the top.

Men who wish to highlight their facial hair should always choose smaller frames. Large frames could draw the eye away from your facial hair.
With so many Glasses Frames in NYC, it can be impossible to find the perfect pair easily or quickly. Talk with the professionals at Charlotte Jones Opticians to get professional advice on the frames that will look and fit perfectly.

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