Should You Hire a DUI Attorney?

Most people end up in DUI court have no idea what to expect. A public defender will do everything possible, but if they are not experienced in DUI cases, it is likely they will be out of their depth. The best way to avoid serious consequences is to hire a DUI Attorney in Hutchinson KS, because the consequences of a conviction could be very serious. DUI cases are extremely complex and highly scientific. Any lawyer you retain should have a good understanding of DUI law in the state they are arrested in.

For each field of law, there are experienced lawyers to help with a case. It’s a bit like medicine; you do not want a chiropractor operating on your appendix and who is located in the middle of the Amazon. Rather you should see a surgeon for the ailment. The same principles apply to DUI laws. If you have the misfortune of being charged and convicted, you could get your license suspended or revoked. You could also be fined, causing you to suffer the humiliation of a stain on your stellar driving record. This, in turn, leads to an increase in your insurance premium.

In some extreme cases, a judgment may be involved. Any good DUI Attorney in Hutchinson KS will seek to immediately stop any attempt to suspend your driver’s license until the problem is fully resolved. Your rights to drive to school, work and for pleasure will be safe. Even the idea of an afternoon without a car is a nightmare for some people.

For the best result, you should expect your DUI lawyer to conduct their own investigations. They will thumb through police reports, looking at every version of the event. They will look at witness reports and then offer both the best and worst scenarios. The focal point of this is to establish a base for your defense. Sometimes a technical aspect of your arrest could get you out of trouble, maybe due to negligence by the arresting officer or a conflict involving the chemical test. They can obtain proof that certain machines or other defective issues lead to a false arrest, etc.

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