Should You Replace Your Existing Hand Dryers?

Are you debating whether you should invest in a new industrial hand dryer? If you already have hand dryers installed in your commercial bathrooms, you may wonder how much it would help to buy new ones. In general, there are a few specific areas you might especially want to think through before making this important choice for your building or facility. When deciding how best to upgrade your building’s bathrooms, try to take some time to evaluate the following areas.

Power Costs

If you are tired of paying high utility bills every month, you might wonder how best to save money by conserving power. In addition to helping protect your budget, improved energy efficiency also should boost your facility’s eco-friendliness, which is an important facet of running a responsible business or establishment. Did you know that old, outdated hand dryers might be using an unnecessarily high amount of power? Due to better technology, many recent hand dryer models are as much as 80 or 90 percent more efficient than their older counterparts. If your building’s current dryers are old and inefficient, a more modern industrial hand dryer could be an excellent choice.

Greater Effectiveness

When you evaluate the potential benefits of a new hand dryer, the efficient operation may be among your primary considerations. There are many other technological advancements you can think through as well. Some outdated styles of hand dryers simply are not very effective at removing moisture from wet hands, especially in a timely fashion. This might lead to frustration and even poor hygiene practices in those who regularly use your building’s bathrooms. Investing in newer, more effective hand dryers should help mitigate this issue, thereby potentially providing you with happier customers, visitors and staff members.

Whether you run a store, school or some other type of facility, a new industrial hand dryer could be a big step toward upgrading your business or establishment. When you think about purchasing upgraded hand dryers, remember their potential benefits in power costs, improved operation and much more. Visit the website for more information.

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