Signs It Is Time For Professional Engine Tune Up Service in Manhattan, KS

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Automotive

Without proper care, it will be very hard to keep a car’s engine in good shape. Getting an engine tune up on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that all of the vital systems of a motor are running correctly. To get the best results from this type of work, a car owner will have to find the right mechanics in their area. If a car owner attempts to do this type of work on their own, they will usually have a variety of additional issues to contend with. The following are some of the signs that a car owner may start to notice when it is time to get professional engine tune up service in Manhattan KS.

The Engine is Misfiring

One of the most noticeable signs that a car owner will notice when it is time for a tune-up is an engine misfire. Usually, this issue will cause the car to skip and lose power. In many cases, the check engine light will come on when there is a cylinder misfire. In order to get this problem resolved, a car owner will have to get a professional to replace the plugs and wires on their vehicle.

Problems With Air and Fuel Mixture

Without the right mixture of air and fuel, it will be nearly impossible for a car to run efficiently. The oxygen sensors are one of the most important components of the air and fuel system of a car. If a car begins to skip and have lower fuel efficiency, it may be a result of a bad oxygen sensor. The longer that this issue stays unresolved, the more damage a car owner will be doing to their vehicle. Professionals will be able to find and replace the bad oxygen sensors on the car with ease.

Getting Engine Tune Up Service in Manhattan KS is a great way for a car owner to reduce the repair issues they face. Ekart Automotive will be able to perform the service needed to a car without the car owner having to lift a finger. Call them or click here for more information.

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