When You Need Commercial Restoration In Waldorf, Call The Experts

When disaster strikes, whether fire, flood or storm, the primary concern is to get back into operation as quickly as possible. Each day that a company sits idle represents a lost business that cannot be recovered. The amount of time needed for Commercial Restoration in Waldorf could represent the difference between a successful recovery from the disaster and closing the doors forever.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is frequently seen after a disaster. It is essential to quickly assess the severity of the damage.

  • Category 1 refers to damage from clean water that poses no threat to humans, such as from a broken appliance.

  • Category 2 is known as gray water, meaning that the water is contaminated with microorganisms and could cause someone to become ill if ingested. Broken sump pumps or toilets would cause a category 2 cleanup problem.

  • Category 3 refers to black water, such as unsanitary water contaminated by sewage.

There are also four classes of water damage, used to assess the available options for repairing water damage.

  • Class 1 is the least harmful and the easiest to repair, often referring to non-absorbent materials such as glass.

  • Class 2 damage evaporates very quickly and can permanently damage cushions and carpets, making repair more difficult.

  • Class 3 damage has the fastest evaporation rate and can occur after broken sprinklers or water from another overhead source soaks furniture and walls.

  • Class 4 damage means that special water restoration and water removal procedures are required. Hardwood floors, concrete, and plaster, are often at risk.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Ash and smoke can cause extensive corrosion, discoloration, and etching. The unpleasant smoke odor lingers and will remain unless professionally removed. The sooner the cleanup is started, the more successful it will be. It takes proper training and equipment to handle this type of damage.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold can be discovered at any time. It spreads rapidly after a disaster, but can also be discovered in attics, walls or AC duct work. It’s essential that this be handled correctly in order to protect the health of all concerned.

When disaster strikes your business, don’t delay in calling ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services. Commercial Restoration in Waldorf must be started promptly and conducted by experienced personnel with the necessary equipment. Too much is at risk to trust your business to anyone else.

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