Signs Of An Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Lakewood, WA

Going through a divorce can be an unnerving and very stressful time of life. You will be required to make a lot of important decisions at a time when you are not feeling good about the situation you are in.

For people in Lakewood, WA, going through a separation or a breakup of the marriage, an experienced divorce lawyer will be an important consideration. Finding the ideal lawyer may require meeting with a few different attorneys, and there are some key signs to look for in your initial case evaluation.

Free Consultation

A free case consultation is a chance for the divorce lawyer to get an overview of your case. It is also a time for you to ask questions and to assess the attorney’s “fit” with you and your case. Look for someone who provides clear, precise and easy to understand information and who takes the time to make sure you understand.

During the free consultation, the attorney should ask questions. He or she will also provide answers to any questions you may have about your case. However, without all the details, it may be difficult for the attorney to provide specifics on the full cost of the divorce, the time it will take or the ability to settle without the need to go to court.

Explains the Fee Structure

Different attorneys and law firms in Lakewood, WA, will have different fee structures. Some charge on an hourly basis while others may offer a fixed fee. The fixed fee option provides a specific type of legal service, such as a divorce, for a flat pre-set rate.

Make sure the divorce lawyer explains the fees clearly, and you understand the structure. This will save any misunderstanding as the case progresses.

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