Signs that Air Conditioner Replacement in Castlerock is Needed

Believe it or not, figuring out that Air Conditioner Replacement in Castlerock is needed is not extremely difficult. While there are some signs that are not as obvious as others, in most cases the air conditioner in a structure will provide signs that an issue is present. Being aware that an issue is present is the first part of the battle in getting it to work properly. Some of the most telltale signs that AC repair or replacement is needed can be found here.

Unusual Odors

Foul or pungent odors coming from the AC vents will typically mean an issue with the wire insulation. However, if musty smells are present, then this is an indication that there is likely mole inside of the unit or in the ductwork which should be handled without hesitation.

Unusual Sounds

Another sign that it may be time to replace the air conditioning unit in a home or business is if there are strange sounds coming from the unit. Any type of grinding, grating or squealing may be an indication that the entire unit needs to be replaced. These noises are an indication that there is something wrong inside of the unit.

The Presence of Moisture

Leakage around or close to the AC unit is an indication of trouble. If there are leaks coming from the system, it could be due to two reasons: a leak in refrigerant or a clog in the drain tube that takes the condensation away from the unit. While these issues are easy to repair, if they are not treated in a timely manner, the outcome can be dire and quite costly in the long run.

Being aware of an issue with an AC system is essential. Take the time to take note of problems that are present to ensure they do not become worse. While some issues can be easily repaired, if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, the result may be that an entirely new system has to be installed. Take the time to find the right solution for the problem by calling on the pros for professional evaluation of the issue.

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