Signs that Indicate the Need for Sewage Treatment in Hawaii

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Business

A functioning sewer system relies on the forces of gravity to assist with proper drainage. While it is one of the most used systems, it is often on the bottom of the list for maintenance items. These are a few indications that treatment is needed for the sewage system.

Slow drainage issues indicate the need for sewage treatment in Hawaii. This issue will occur in multiple drainage locations such as the bathroom and kitchen sink. A slow drainage indicates that the system is struggling to accept all of the waste that is being dumped into the system. This can indicate that there is blockage in the main drainage piping or that the tank is filled to capacity. Continuing to add waste while the issue persists can lead to backups in the sinks or showers.

Smell is another issue that can result from problems in the sewage system. The gas in the sewer tank is located at the top. Once the pressure of the water is higher than the discharge rate of drainage, these gases can be forced upward into the piping. Once it is in the piping, the gas will vent into the home. The smell will escape through the drains. The only way to address this problem is to apply the appropriate treatment.

Frequent backups dictate the need for Sewage Treatment in Hawaii. While a reoccurring backup in one drain might indicate a plumbing issue for that area, this can happen in nearly every drainage station in the house. Frequent backups can lead to dangerous bacteria growth and the need to completely replace the drains and sinks. While the backup may clear eventually, treatment is needed to prevent a major overflow from the system. In addition, the tank is put at risk because the pressure of the waste on the tank walls.

The sewer system is one of the most ignored systems. While gravity is the primary method for drainage, this method needs to have a clear path and room in the tank to function properly. To keep this septic system working properly, regular treatments and drainage are required to keep problems at bay.

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