Signs that Your Chimney Needs Repairs

There are far too many homeowners that make the mistake of taking their chimney for granted. They make the assumption that the chimney’s structure is a completely worry-free part of their home. However, problems can, and do, arise and when they do they should be tended to as soon as possible. If you have a damaged chimney, it can be an extremely serious fire hazard. Some signs that you need to call for chimney repair in Worthington, OH are highlighted here.

White or Efflorescence Staining

When there is white discoloration on the chimney in your home, it is referred to as efflorescence. While this is fairly easy to remove, simply cleaning it will not remedy the moisture issue, which is the underlying cause of the white residue. If you notice efflorescence, it is a clear indication that there is an excessive amount of moisture present in the masonry. It this problem is not handled, your chimney will likely begin to deteriorate, in addition to other, moisture related issues.


There should not be any rust on the damper or the firebox. However, if there is, it is a clear indication that there is excessive moisture in the chimney. While you may not notice rust on the damper, if you notice that it is not sealing or operating property, then it could be due to rust.

If there is so much moisture in the chimney that you can see rust, you may have serious damage, such as a flue tiles that are cracked. It is crucial that you seek the services of a professional to inspect the lining of the flue and be sure that there is no breach in the chimney system, which may eventually lead to a fire.

Mortar Joints that are Deteriorating

If there are mortar joints that are damaged in between the chimney masonry, it needs to be repaired quickly. When the mortar begins to deteriorate, the masonry will be exposed to additional moisture, which can accelerate the chimney’s deterioration. When colder weather is present, it can cause the moisture to freeze inside the masonry cracks, which will create larger cracks after it thaws. If the issue is not repaired it can lead to an entire collapse of the chimney.

Knowing what to look for can help ensure your chimney stays in good repair and that it can be safely used when colder weather arrives.

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