When Your Cat Needs Emergency Veterinary Care in Alexandria, VA

A cat won’t tell you if he or she is sick; in fact, they instinctively hide illness to protect themselves from predators. There may be no predators in your home, but a cat doesn’t always believe it. With those facts in mind, look for these signs that your cat may need emergency veterinary care in Alexandria VA.

Changes In Eating Habits

A sick cat could eat more, or less, or dramatically increase his or her water intake. A too-large appetite may seem as if it indicates good health, but the opposite could be true. For instance, diabetes or hyperthyroidism can dramatically increase a cat’s appetite.

Changes In Litterbox Habits

It may seem a bit gross, but you can learn a lot about your cat’s health by monitoring its excretory habits. Have they changed in frequency or consistency? Has your cat started to urinate more often? Other discharges can be seen as abnormal. Does your cat have crud in his ears or a runny nose? Does she salivate a lot, or is there blood in her urine? The answers to these questions could indicate a need for emergency care.

Changes In Energy Levels

Monitor your cat’s movements for changes. Has she become more or less active lately? Look for changes in your cat’s ability to jump up or down, and take notice of whether he or she is scratching a lot.

Exterior Changes

Sometimes, there’s no clear sign that your cat is sick, but something could just “not look right”. Your cat may sit differently or change his or her expression. Her coat may lose its sheen and softness, or his fur could fall out rapidly.

Sudden Changes

In most instances, a severe or sudden change in your cat is a cause for concern. For instance, a cat who suddenly cannot walk needs emergency veterinary care in Alexandria VA.

Recognize The Signs Of A Veterinary Emergency

When you take your cat to the vet, you may have to wait until your vet is on duty, or you may be forced to take him or her to an emergency clinic. Any breathing issues, bleeding, paralysis, prolonged vomiting, or difficulty in urination may pose a life-threatening emergency, and you should Contact Hayfield Animal Hospital so it can be taken care of right away.

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