Signs Your Child Needs Pediatric Foot Care

As your child is growing, there are conditions that can begin in their feet. Some of these are minor and cause very few symptoms, while others can impede the way their foot functions. It is important you are aware of any problematic signs in your child’s feet so you will know when to seek Pediatric Foot Care. Having your child’s foot health monitored can help to prevent major problems that could interfere with their walking ability.

1. Flat feet is a common condition among young children. When your baby is growing into a toddler, their feet will remain flat. As they grow and develop, the feet should naturally begin to arch. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If your child has flat feet there may be no reason to see a foot doctor. If you find your child is experiencing pain or is falling because of their condition, it is best to have them checked.
2. Toe walking is also a common condition among very young children. Toddlers will often toe walk as they begin walking. If your child continues to toe walk on a regular basis, after the age of two, it is important he or she is checked. This can be a sign of nervous system disorders, like cerebral palsy.
3. If your child is between the ages of eight and fourteen and they complain of heel pain, this could be a sign of Sever’s disease. This condition is caused by repetitive stress to the heel plate, which is not fully developed until a child is around the age of fourteen.
4. Ingrown toenails can be very painful to deal with. If you notice your child has pain on one side of their toenail and has swelling and redness, this is most likely an ingrown toenail. The foot doctor can remove this painful nail and stop the pain.

If your child exhibits any of these signs, it is important you seek Pediatric Foot Care as soon as possible. Visit website and learn about the many treatment options they can offer both adults and children. Call today for your appointment so your child can find relief.

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