Signs Your Need To Have Your Transmission In Mesa Checked Out

The transmission in your vehicle translates the energy from your engine into torque, which allows you to shift gears as you drive. In order to drive safely, your transmission needs to be in good condition. If you notice your vehicle refusing to go into gear, if your transmission is being noisy in neutral, or if you notice a burning smell coming from your car, you need to take your vehicle into your mechanic right away. These are all warning signs that something is wrong with your transmission.

If you drive a manual, pay attention to how smoothly your vehicle shifts. If you have a hard time getting into first gear when stopped, or changing between gears when you are driving, something is probably wrong with your transmission. Low transmission fluid or thick transmission fluid can make it difficult to get into gear. You may need to have your transmission fluid changed. You may also need your shift cables or clutch linkage adjusted.

When your car is idling or in neutral, you should not hear a lot of sound coming from under the hood. If you are noticing unusual noises when idling or in neutral, your transmission fluid may need to be changed. Or, you may have a more serious transmission problem, and some parts may need to be replaced.

If you smell something burning when you are driving or right after you stop, pay attention. A burning smell means your Transmission in Mesa is overheating. It is most likely overheating because you are low on transmission fluid or your transmission fluid is dirty. Your transmission fluid not only provides lubrication, it also cools down your transmission and keeps it from burning up. If you notice a burning smell, you should not continue to drive your vehicle around. Driving your vehicle around will only cause further damage. Take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Your transmission keeps your car in gear. If you drive a manual and notice that it has recently become harder to switch between gears, this is one warning sign something is wrong with your transmission. If your car is making strange noises while in neutral or when it is idling, this is another sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Finally, a burning smell means you need new transmission fluid immediately. If you notice any of these Transmission in Mesa warning signs, Contact Shift Right Transmissions immediately.

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