Simple Steps to Change a Filter on an Air Conditioner in Wichita Kansas

Air that is sucked into an AC system often brings allergens, dust, molds, debris, and toxins with it. The majority of these substances should be filtered out before the indoor air is distributed throughout the home. To do this, an Air Conditioner in Wichita Kansas needs a filter that is not dirty and placed in its compartment correctly. The following guidelines can be used to change or clean a filter.

Before changing a filter, locate the filter compartment. This section is typically in the return air duct. However, some AC system models place theirs around the furnace. First, check in the return air duct. To find this duct, it’s helpful to place a hand in front of air ducts until one that seems to be pulling in the air is found. This is the return air duct. The access panel and fasteners should be removed and set to the side. If the filter is found, gently slide it out so the debris on its surface won’t fly into the air.

After removing the filter, perform one of two tasks depending on whether the filter is reusable or disposable. A reusable filter will need to be cleaned and dried before being put back in its former position. This should be done outside using the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction the majority of debris off the filter. After, use a cleaning solution of half a gallon of water and a few drops of chosen dish soap to wash more of the debris off. Care should be taken not to damage the mesh part of the filter. A disposable filter should be placed in a bag, sealed, and placed outside. The measurements on the old filter can be used to purchase a replacement filter.

Part of regular maintenance for an air conditioner in Wichita Kansas is regular filter changing. This will allow the AC system to use less energy to perform its job and help lower energy costs. Get more information.

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