Situations That Call for an Attorney Who Handles Cases of Workers’ compensation in Vermont

State laws make sure that employees receive monetary compensation for most of their lost wages after they are injured on the job. Sometimes an employer or the insurance carrier that is supposed to provide benefits disputes the claim, which can cause substantial delays in payment. Employers also may try to pressure an injured worker into returning too soon or doing a light-duty job that could make the injury worse. A lawyer who handles cases involving workers’ compensation in Vermont is advantageous for getting these issues resolved quickly.

Most employers and insurance carriers are very cooperative with the workers’ compensation system because it benefits everyone concerned. Without workers comp, employees would be free to file lawsuits against companies after being injured on the job; however, in this system, they receive nearly all the money they would have made if they didn’t need to take time off work, and their medical care is also paid for.

However, sometimes an employer may feel the need to keep the employee at work. For instance, there may already have been a number of lost-time accidents there in the past year, and another one might catch the attention of a government agency that would decide to perform an investigation. If the employee at least continues in a light-duty job, that’s not considered a lost-time accident; however, this individual may realize that he or she is not able to do this sort of work eight hours per day. Consider someone who normally stands for most of the shift and now is dealing with a severe back strain; a job sitting for eight hours may not be suitable either. You can visit here to get more details.

A lawyer who handles cases involving workers’ compensation in Vermont knows which information will support the employee’s claim, they will want physician records and records involving physical therapy, chiropractic care and other treatment. Those health-care practitioners can confirm that the employee’s injury was indeed connected with the job and that he or she should not return to work yet. A firm such as McVeigh Skiff LLP can provide the legal representation a worker needs when compensation is denied, or an employer pushes the individual beyond current abilities.

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