Small and Large Business Shredding Services

All businesses that deal with confidential information have a legal responsibility to protect and destroy that information. That can include small amounts of personal information, such as invoices, charge slips, even addresses and telephone numbers. Some Business Shredding Services can be expensive because they only offer a few plans or packages for services. That works well for a large business that has a great deal of material to destroy. It may be out of financial reach for a smaller business, or an independent business of one person. A few plans do not offer enough flexibility in pick-up frequency to suit a small business that will not have a lot of material to be shredded. Customized plans and packages that suit the needs of each business make services cost-effective for both small and large businesses.

Regardless of the size of the business, the information has to be destroyed securely to protect the business from fines and penalties for non-compliance with oversight regulations, and from liability issues. Many companies provide Business Shredding Services, but not all companies utilize the same methods and technology for material destruction. Depending on the process, a business may still be in danger of violations, even after paying a company for shredding material. A company that collects material for shredding at a separate facility leaves the business at risk for confidentiality breaches. The material can be read, lost, or stolen before it reaches the shredder.

Shredding machines that utilize traditional cutting methods are also placing a business at risk. The material is in large pieces that may still contain clear information. Cross-cutting technology results in pieces of paper that are too small to contain any clear information. A small or large business will also have information stored in various electronic devices and accessories. If a company only offers destruction services for paper, the business has to find a second company to destroy the hard drives, devices, and flash drives that also contain information. That can get expensive and time consuming. It makes more sense to find a company that can destroy all forms of information for a business.

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