Solar Panel in Murrieta CA: Energy Efficiency of Solar Panels

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Science & Technology

With the increase in the consumption of electrical energy, the sources of generating electrical energy have increased as well. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source and it can be converted into electrical energy. The major device for converting energy from the sun into electricity is the solar cell. Solar cells are put together to create different solar devices such as solar modules, photovoltaic cells and solar panels which are widely utilized for generating electricity today. The efficiency of solar cells is a big concern for the professionals because a low efficiency means that its output will be low as well.

These days, more and more individuals are using solar panels to generate electricity. Solar panels are setup to produce energy for microwaves, iron, water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, room heater, inverter and several other home appliances. This is due to the fact that solar energy is cheap and widely available.

Scientists have learned that only twenty percent of the total amount of solar energy hitting the solar panel is converted into electricity. What this means is that the solar panel has an efficiency of twenty percent. The efficiency of solar panels is even lower with regard to lighting bulbs. For instance, if a solar panel in Murrieta CA has an efficiency of twenty percent, the remaining energy is used to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac), which consumes fifteen percent additional energy. The remaining energy is then used for lighting bulbs. This means that the output is just five percent of the total energy efficiency.

Flexible solar panels are commonly used for appliances that require low output. Flexible devices comprise solar water heaters, garden lights, flood lights, and security lights. Other examples include solar fountains, battery chargers, pumps, and photovoltaic cells. These flexible devices consume low amounts of solar energy, thus a low efficiency solar panel in Murrieta CA can be utilized to meet these needs. The output should be approximately five to twenty percent. From the foregoing, one can infer that even though solar energy is a widely available and abundant energy source, it is not as efficient as other energy sources. Scientists are however making tremendous effort to enhance its efficiency. Contact Mac Solar if you are looking for an affordable way to power your home or office with solar energy.




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