Sprinkler Repair in Spokane: What the Technician Looks For

A sprinkler system is an important part of your home or business’ landscaping. When it’s properly installed, maintained and operated, your irrigation system helps to ensure that the grounds stay healthy and look their best. However, problems sometimes arise; leaks and landscaping damage can happen if just one part of the sprinkler system doesn’t work correctly. For that reason, it’s important to get problems fixed as soon as they appear.

Evaluating the Entire System

When inspecting your sprinkler system, technicians evaluate the following areas.

1. Controllers: When a sprinkler system malfunctions, the technician will first look at the controller. This component tells the system when to switch on, and how long to run. Most controller problems are due to programming errors, and can easily be corrected by ensuring that the correct stop and start times are set.
2. Sprinkler heads: Home and commercial irrigation systems have two kinds of sprinklers – stationary and rotary. Stationary heads are used in smaller areas, and they send mist in each direction. Rotary sprinklers are better for large areas, and as their name implies, they send streams of water in a circular motion. The most obvious problems are often linked to sprinkler heads, and these issues can result in significant water waste and uneven coverage.
3. Valves: Weather changes, damage, tree root growth and normal wear can cause leaks in sprinkler systems. It’s easy to see a large leak, but a smaller one may not appear immediately, requiring a thorough evaluation of the entire system. Your technician will look for several common electrical issues, such as corroded wiring, failed solenoids, or torn diaphragms.
4. Pipes: Problems with piping usually result in large wet patches on the ground. If no wet spots are visible, but there’s low pressure in the area, a technician will look for areas of grass that are significantly greener than other nearby areas. Uneven spray patterns are a sign of pressure issues, which can be caused by pipe or valve leaks. An easy way to check for leaks in your sprinkler system is to observe your water meter for abnormal usage. Large leaks are readily visible, but some happen below ground and require Sprinkler Repair in Spokane.

A comprehensive evaluation of your sprinkler system can help technicians determine if problems exist, and if any are found, it can help them decide whether to recommend replacement or Sprinkler Repair in Spokane.

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