Tips for Successfully Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Browsing through your social feeds while sipping your morning coffee can definitely give you a daily dose of motivation. While it is likely small, the inspirational memes and quotes can provide you with that jumpstart you need to get going. Think of that feeling – multiplied times 1000 – which is the effect you get when you hear a motivational speech. However, the key to this feeling of inspiration is hiring a quality and professional Motivational Speaker for Business.

Some tips to do while hiring a Motivational Speaker for Business are highlighted here.

The Who and the What

If you are the one who is responsible for hiring a motivational speaker to address your audience, you first need to understand who your audience is. What is it that they really want to hear? What is going to get their mind going and how will they respond to different types of speakers? You should find a speaker that is in your audience’s area of interest. Additionally, if you can find someone that is considered an authority in the field, then this is even better. Create a focus group and find out what matters.


Passion is a crucial element that must be present in any speaker that you hire. If you find a speaker that does not have this, then you might as well just start your search over completely. Passion is the number one ingredient when considering the motivational speaking recipe. When delivered properly, a motivational speech delivered from a professional speaker can be a complete game changer, which is due to the fact that nothing can change the perceptions of a person more than a passion for life and work and success. This is what you want to achieve for your audience. Within the first few moments of talking with the potential speaker, you will clearly know if they have the passion necessary for your audience.

The Cost

You can find motivational speakers on high and low ends of the spectrum, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost will be dependent on what is being provided for the speaker (for example, accommodations) and the number of years of experience they have. Their past success are a great indicator of performance to assess the investment that you are about to make. Most speakers will be open to some cost negotiation, which means you should not be afraid to ask.

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