Staining And Sealing Pine Decks In Waukesha WI

Untreated pine boards are susceptible to water damage after being exposed to excessive amounts of rain. Decks in Waukesha WI can be cleaned, stained and sealed by completing the instructions that follow. Wood stain will enhance the beauty of each wooden board and sealer will protect a deck from moisture.


* broom

* vacuum cleaner (hose attachment)

* wood cleaning agent

* water hose

* bucket

* deck brush

* hand brush

* painter’s tape

* can of stain

* can of sealer

* mixing stick

* paint tray

* roller (thick nap) and handle

Cleaning And Preparing A Deck For Stain And Sealer

All items should be removed from a deck before sweeping it. A vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment can be used to suck up loose particles that are wedged between pine boards. A wood cleaning agent can be diluted in a bucket of water. A deck brush should be used to clean large wooden surfaces that are stained. If small details in a deck’s surface are dirty, a hand brush will need to be used to eliminate them. Any traces of a cleaning agent can be rinsed from wooden boards with a water hose. After wooden boards have dried, painter’s tape should be placed over hardware, railings or any part of a deck that aren’t being covered with stain and sealer.

Applying Stain And Sealer

After opening a can of stain, its contents should be stirred for a couple minutes to eliminate air bubbles. A paint tray can be used to hold stain. A paint roller that has a thick nap needs to be used to spread stain across wooden boards. Stain should be applied evenly and an initial coat will need to dry thoroughly before an additional one is added. Once a second coat has dried, a paint tray should be rinsed out with water before filling it with clear sealer.

Sealer should be applied to wooden boards with a clean paint roller. One or two coats of sealer will provide pine boards with protection from moisture. Painter’s tape should not be removed from hardware or a deck’s railing until sealer has dried thoroughly.

For assistance with installing, cleaning or staining and sealing decks in Waukesha WI, contact Outdoor Living Unlimited or a similar business.

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