3 HVAC Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Few things are as comforting and relaxing as the gentle hum of your air conditioner on a hot day as it cools your Georgia home. While you are probably used to your HVAC system making a variety of sounds, not all of them are indicators of a healthy unit. There are a few noises you should never ignore and you will probably need the services of a company that specializes in air conditioning installation in Fayetteville as soon as possible.

1. Banging

If your air conditioner makes loud thumping or banging sounds when you first turn it on or at the end of its cycle, this is a sign that you may have major loose parts inside your HVAC system. When parts come loose and are tossed around by the fan during a cycle, this can cause serious damage to fan blades or cause them to jam. Turn the system off right away if you hear this noise.

2. Buzzing

If you hear buzzing sounds coming from your air conditioner as it runs, you may want to call a company that deals with air conditioning installation in Fayetteville as soon as possible, because this sound usually means there is an electrical short somewhere in the system. Electrical issues can lead to serious problems, such as shorts and spark. This may even cause your HVAC system to catch fire, so it is not a noise you should ignore.

3. Consistent Hissing

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant system is one of its most essential parts, but when it leaks, this can cause wasted coolant and a unit that doesn’t function properly. When you have a coolant leak, you may hear a consistent hissing sound coming from your air conditioner when it runs. Do not try to find the leak yourself, as the coolant may be toxic. Call a professional instead.

Your HVAC system can suffer a variety of issues. However, a company that specializes in air conditioning installation in Fayetteville can repair or replace your system as necessary. Click here for more details.

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